There was none among the myriads of men that existed who would pity or assist me…

I don’t get why everybody calls Rift a “WoW clone”. A clone means that it’s… well, exactly the same! Only a copy. So if it’s a clone, then explain to me, please, why there are so many different features in the game that WoW doesn’t have?

I prefer calling it something like “Frankenstein’s monster”. It’s taken bits and pieces from different games and put it all together and we can now see how it breathes and functions. I’m also very happy to see the invasions from Tabula Rasa work in a different game. It feels similar to Warhammer’s public quests (especially the concept of ‘public groups’ and how the loot is distributed) but it reminds me more of the aliens invading your quest hubs and taking over those places when you weren’t there to help defend the places. Ever since it closed down, I said that I’d love to see that concept in another MMO and here we are now. :) Even though I was annoyed that I had to hop off the street yesterday just in time to avoid being slaughtered by level 18 mobs (with my measly level 10) it gives everything a feeling of uncertainty and risk which is great (I imagine that to be even better when you’re on a PvP server).