Picture post

I’m currently studying for my final exams. After that, I’ll finally be done with university. Until then, however, I am not able to play much which on the one hand is sad and on the other, isn’t. I’ve always loved studying, so I don’t mind it much. It’s actually fun and I don’t feel like I’m wasting any time.

Now, if it weren’t for those finals, I would have preordered Rift. As it is, I won’t buy the game. I’ll be done in the middle of April and we’ll see where Rift is until then. I do hope it does well, so I can jump into it then.

In the meantime, when I do get a break from studying in the evenings, I usually just watch some TV or play a few easy games (Facebook is perfect for that but I also love getting into the old-school “Cultures”. I also recently bought the Settlers 5 which, oddly enough, works on Windows 7 – as do Settlers 2 in the new version and Settlers 4 with a few bugs. Settlers 6 doesn’t work at all).

Anyway. Thanks to games without monthly fees, I get to play a few MMOs here and there. Most of all, Guild Wars, LotRO and Rift (while it’s still in beta, of course!). And while I can’t play much, I’ll at least enjoy the pretty scenery they give me. I’m always in awe with what game artists come up. I did spent quite some time back in World of Warcraft travelling around the Barrens, climbing up mountains (that was before you could get a mount with level 20 already and could fly through the old world!), just to have a look at my surroundings. I don’t need any high-end graphics. I just want to see something “fitting”. So, here are some of my favourite screenshots from Rift (I haven’t seen that much yet, of course ^^), Guild Wars and LotRO:


Guild Wars (Nightfall for the first two pictures, the third one is from Factions):


LotRO (Rivendell by night, some place in Enedwaith and some place in the Shire with my warden in her new rosé clothes on her sparkly pony ;) ):


Last but not least, Rift (Defiant starting area, the second picture is in their capital city – and a good argument for why I think it’s silly to say that Rift shouldn’t include guns and only have bows! O.O, the third one showing my Eth chloromancer)


Rift’s open beta is starting in just a few hours. If I hurry with studying and get everything done today that I wanted to get done, I will treat myself to one or two hours of gaming. But first, let’s see how they’ll deal with having an open beta and if we can even log on tonight or if there’s pure chaos when thousands of people want to log on at the same time! ^^