On sale? Must. have.

Sales are really bad. I wasn’t even looking for a new game. But Torchlight was offered for only 4 Euros on Steam! I tried the demo and immediately bought the game then.

I always do that, though. I see a game for cheap and buy it. Most of the time, I try the games and then leave them. Sooner or later, I reinstall Windows on my PC and am too lazy to reinstall the game and start all over again (and no, I hardly ever actually save my progress. I’m silly like that and always forget to do that ^^).

I have started Diablo II countless times. I know the first area very well. But I never got much further. And again, I’m just too lazy to reinstall it now and continue/start again. Even though I really like the game (apart from the graphics, maybe). I spent a few hours yesterday playing Torchlight and really enjoyed myself. So I do think I’ll get my money’s worth here. ;) 4 Euros isn’t that much, after all. That’d give me 1 1/2 months of my browser game. Or a quarter of a month of an MMO’s subscription. Still, it is usually a waste of my money. Spending 4 Euros for a game I didn’t actually want or don’t play is still more than not buying the game and spending 0 Euros. ;)