Fast support

I’m always curious about the state of support in games. I’ve heard lots of horror stories but of course, those are usually also the worst examples and not necessarily a true reflection about a support system.

Nevertheless, I made a very positive experience with League of Legends. A few days ago, I bought the Digital Collector’s Pack. With it came 10 Euros worth of Riot Points. Now, I didn’t actually look too closely at the amount and didn’t notice that I was missing those points. About two days later, I received in email in which they apologised and explained that there’d been an issue with that Collector’s Pack or whatever and that they’d given me back my points… plus a few more points! Only then did I realise the missing points. ;) It was a very positive surprise, though. I don’t remember the exact number but it was around 5 Euros that they gave me for free. I spent another 5 Euros and bought the second champions bundle. So now I have more champions than I can play and only need to overcome my fear of playing with and against strangers. ;)

Still, it’s nice to see that the support worked fast and we got a generous compensation on top. I’ve seen enough games where you were lucky if they even apologised.