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Bugged Rift…

Oh, what do we do? No, seriously: Reading through the official forums has spoiled so many MMOs for me. It always looks like the game’s doomed to fail when you believe everything that’s complained about there.

So far, I’ve had a wonderful experience with hardly any problems. Once a Rift was bugged as it wanted us to kill a mob that just wasn’t there. We searched high and low, turned around every stone, looked in every bush but it just wasn’t there! We decided to go for another Rift then. Problem solved. ;)

One bug that really annoys me, though: The auction house search is not working correctly! I can right-shift-click on an item and the AH says there are 0 results. I can type in parts of the name of the item or the whole item. Again: 0 results. Scrolling through a category, however, reveals that there are several items listed. It took me a while but I finally found a posting in the forum that fits to my problem. It appears that the search is bugged when you’re playing with the English client but are on a German server. That also explains why it took me three days to find information about it! I was already wondering why nobody was complaining about not being able to find anything. But I guess not that many German-speaking people are playing with the English client.

I, however, love doing so. I know I’ve heard nasty comments about it before and I’m quite tired of them. But I’m still going to “defend” myself here in advance: a) I love the English language, b) the game’s originally designed in English and thus, German is only a translation and every translation is more or less a big interpretation. I prefer having the original and c) I love getting practice in the English language. Also because studying psychology (and soon being a psychologist) means that I need English quite often (most of the literature and studies are in English, after all). So for the aforementioned reasons, I’d really hate having to switch to the German client.

At least, apart from that bug, Trion has made it very easy to switch between languages and even regions! It’s just a setting in the game’s launcher and you can change the language and even the region of the game (US and EU servers). I was positively surprised to see that! Having to switch before you actually see the server list also means that they can, in most cases, patch the servers separately. So finally, Europeans won’t have regular server maintenance during their prime time or late afternoon (as they have in Warhammer Online). Very nice service here! I also remember being very annoyed to find out that half of Warhammer’s language was server-bound. You got the quests and skills according to the server’s language. Everything else was in the language you chose. It was the only MMO I ever played in German because Denglish is just not my cup of tea. ;) But enough about that. I don’t want to get into WAR and my bitterness about the game. I’m just happy to see that Trion’s handling the language settings better.

There was none among the myriads of men that existed who would pity or assist me…

I don’t get why everybody calls Rift a “WoW clone”. A clone means that it’s… well, exactly the same! Only a copy. So if it’s a clone, then explain to me, please, why there are so many different features in the game that WoW doesn’t have?

I prefer calling it something like “Frankenstein’s monster”. It’s taken bits and pieces from different games and put it all together and we can now see how it breathes and functions. I’m also very happy to see the invasions from Tabula Rasa work in a different game. It feels similar to Warhammer’s public quests (especially the concept of ‘public groups’ and how the loot is distributed) but it reminds me more of the aliens invading your quest hubs and taking over those places when you weren’t there to help defend the places. Ever since it closed down, I said that I’d love to see that concept in another MMO and here we are now. :) Even though I was annoyed that I had to hop off the street yesterday just in time to avoid being slaughtered by level 18 mobs (with my measly level 10) it gives everything a feeling of uncertainty and risk which is great (I imagine that to be even better when you’re on a PvP server).

The race to max level…

Apparently, Rift has had the first level 50s on February 26 and 27. 50 is the current maximum level. I do wonder if that isn’t a bit too fast. What’s the low level content for then? Just to rush through it and arrive at max level within a matter of time? I remember that it took me 6 months to get my first character to level 60 in LotRO (I’m not a fast leveller, obviously) and while I’m always impatient especially with my first character in a game, I also want to enjoy the levelling process.

I do hope Trion was prepared for that (although they should have been, seeing how people also levelled really fast during the closed beta) and have some nice endcontent. Because so far, I’ve only heard about raids at endgame content and that could be a bit boring in the long run (yes, I’m comparing it to WoW in my mind right now because it seems that most of what they add to the game is higher levels and more raids but no real horizontal additions).

Oh well, I will enjoy the game anyway, I think. I’ve already enjoyed Aion and never reached a high level there. I’ve also been enjoying WoW before I cancelled my account again without ever setting foot into a single raid in Northrend or Cataclysm (and I’ve only been to one (heroic) instance in Cataclysm). Instead, I usually do stuff others consider boring like running around the areas looking at everything (I love being able to climb on mountains and few the scenery from there!). So, as long as there’s a niche, I’m going to find it and make myself comfortable there (preferrably a niche consisting of scenarios/battlegrounds/warfronts ^^).

Speaking of scenery, I love some of the little things going on in the “background” of the game. Here’s a healer telling a fighter that he’s gonna make it. Yay! :)

Meanwhile, I’m still not sure whether to play a cleric or a warrior…