Geeks and Rift

I’ve read countless times how guys brag that they got a geeky girlfriend who shares their interest and usually, there are other guys who are jealous because they’d love to find such a girl for themselves. It works the other way round, too! I am really happy that I found a guy who is as geeky as I am (and a bit more in some aspects and less in others), who shares my interests and understands my passion for games. He started with Ultima Online and dragged me into World of Warcraft (we got to know each other too late for him to pull me into UO as well ;) ). But I dragged him into my favourite browser game ( – it has to be mentioned here because it’s a great game and has the best implementation of a paid-for-premium account that I have ever seen in any game!). Besides, ever since my older brother sold me his old Commodore 64, I’ve been hooked.

Anyway, Rift is starting its first closed beta event tonight. I managed to get a VIP key and so did my boyfriend. Of course, I won’t write about the game or show any screenshots etc. There’s an NDA, after all. It’s just nice to look forward to something like that and to be able to share the pleasant anticipation with somebody. We’ve already decided on what to eat (Cevapcici with Ajvar-red wine sauce) and hopefully, everything goes well when the event starts. And tomorrow, we’re going out to a Christmas market and do our grocery shopping. Today, I’m going to work on a report I need to write for my job (still 9 hours until the beta event starts, after all). So everything’s organised and there’s a good mixture of RL and necessary chores in there. :)


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